International Quilt Festival

I have survived the International Quilt Festival, again!  This is my thirteenth trip to Houston for this amazing event and every time it totally wears me out!  There are so many dolls and garments and quilts in the exhibit that I go on overload just trying to see it all.  And of course with nearly 1000 venders there is much to be purchased.  Today I’ll post pictures from the exhibits.  Tomorrow, all the goodies that I came home with.

My entry for the Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge:  Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me No Lies

For In Celebration of the Doll

Below are some of my favorites.  I had others but many of my pictures were blurry.

I love this coverlet!  It won first place in the doll bed and quilt contest, art quilt category, sponsored by Selvage magazine.  I forgot to photograph the card with the artist’s name and I don’t remember who made it.

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