I’ve put the final stitches in her hair, sewn on the little button, and laced up her shoes.  Now she is complete!

I was able to cut the bib of her pinafore with a lion in the middle.  It fit just perfectly.  The repeat of the fabric was large enough for me to get the lion and tiger centered on the skirt portion and to mostly avoid the dinosaurs.  If I use this fabric again for something else, maybe the dinosaurs will work out better then.  My favorite fabric on Kiki is her stockings.  I’ve used it a couple of times before, but still had enough left for this.

Kiki’s hair proved to be much trickier than it looks.  I wanted to get the head band on just right.  Her bow is kind of large, but it gives her a little girl look.

Now I have three of the little girls in this series


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4 Responses to Kiki

  1. Judi W says:

    All of the little girls came out fabulous! Love the hair – how is it done?

    • I draped a shape on her head with a paper towel, cut that out and used it for a pattern. That shape is stitched on doubled fabric, slit on the back side, turned, pressed, and applied to the head. It’s rather like a lined applique piece that isn’t sewn down completely. I’ve got it stitched all around her head, just not at all the edges.

  2. nita butler says:

    Lucy she is so darn cute. Love all the play doll series so far! Great job on the hair styles and you make the best fabric choices!

  3. Thanks, I guess I can thank my mom for the color theory lessons! She is a quilter and all her friends ask for help with fabric selection!

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