Empty House Again

Both of my children have left, sent off with tearful goodbyes.  It was a wonderful week having them home again.  In addition to all the fun things like partying and visiting and eating, we accomplished quite a bit of work.  Alison and I worked on her wedding dress design and finished the week with a fitted muslin.  I was hoping to get the corset under-structure done, too, but no such luck.  We ran out of time.  Matt and Burton had their own agenda.  They installed a new bathroom heater/light/fan, bought and set up a new TV, caulked the bathroom, fixed my bike gears, fixed a dripping faucet in the kitchen, and played around with computer settings.  It was a busy week and now the house seems so empty.  It will take some getting used to again.

Beyond the wedding dress mock-up, I’ve done no sewing this week.  One thing I did do however, was to finalize arrangements for another church banner commission.  The pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Tell City, Indiana wants a set of two ordinary time banners.  The first will be similar to The River.

For the second banner, he wants grapes instead of the seed that I have up on my website.  Here I was able to use my newly learned watercolor skills to make a sketch of the new design.   It serves its purpose, but really I should stick to fabric and leave painting to others.

Next step will be to go to the quilt store to find fabric.  These two banners won’t be as large as the previous ones have been, but I’ll still need tons of fabric.  Finding the right combinations of colors can be tricky too.  Baton Rouge has gone from 3 quilting stores to 1.  Luckily, Pamela’s shop, Fabric Krazy Quilt Shop, had all that I needed for the last two banners that I made.  Those two used more than 25 different fabrics in them.  Whatever I can’t find at Fabric Krazy, I’ll have to look for at Hobby Lobby or Hancock’s.  Neither of them have much selection, but it will add variety.

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