Another Doll Begun

I’ve got another doll started and figured I’d better get a picture of her out because I don’t think I’ll have a chance to work on her again for awhile.  My two out of town children are here and will be visiting for a week.  Matthew is living in Australia and we haven’t seen him since December.  Alison is in Washington DC.  That’s not nearly as far, but still too far to visit often.

This little beauty in the making will have a pinafore with jungle animals on it.  The fabric is really funny.  It features lions, tigers, monkeys; nothing unusual there.  Then there are Koala bears which don’t go with the other animals, and most funny of all–dinosaurs!  Perhaps they are some type of lizard, but they really look like dinosaurs.  I love the humor of it.  It’s a fantasy jungle for a fantasy girl.

I’ve also got to decide what her hair will look like.  I’ve had a lot of fun creating the appliqued hair styles of the other play dolls.  She needs something different.  Maybe a center part or a pony tail in the back.  I’ll have to spend some time playing with a paper towel on her head trying out different shapes.  Time will tell.

I will be working on Alison’s wedding dress this week so there will be some sewing even if not on my dolls.  As soon as she can make up her mind on what she wants, then the fun will begin!

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