New Clothes

My youngest child, Martha, will graduate in December with two degrees:  Sculpture and Fashion Design.  She always has something great that she is working on.  Thanks to her, I’ve gotten the urge to make myself some new clothes.

We went shopping together at Hancock’s recently and I bought some polyester fabric to make trousers.  The fabric had a nice drape and was a good weight for the warm weather we have down south.  Here is the fabric and the quick sketch that Martha made for me.  I usually draft my own patterns and I love it when Martha makes a design just for me.

The fabric was prone to raveling, but otherwise easy to work with.  I wish I had bought an invisible zipper.  What was I thinking?  Oh well, this one worked.

I can’t wait to wear these some place.

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2 Responses to New Clothes

  1. Beth says:

    Very stylish! I haven’t made clothes for years and the zips were always a challenge, so very well done, Bethx

  2. nita butler says:

    They look great Lucy. Love the fabric!

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