Going out of my comfort zone

This post has nothing to do with stitching.  I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl.  In fact I sewed myself into a box that said STITCHER.  I could not think of myself as a artist.  I can’t paint.  My drawing skills are limited.  My two daughters are so wonderfully talented artists; compared to them I was totally lacking.  I may have rounded the corner of my fifth decade, but, I have decided that it isn’t too late to change.  I’ll take some classes and learn.  Yesterday I went to what I thought was a figure drawing class at Look Studio.  The regular students wanted to do something different, so instead of drawing, we sculpted clay.  Making dolls with hard sculpted heads is something I have attempted before but not enjoyed.  My heads were OK but I was never inspired to finish them.  I fact I gave one to my sister to finish and she did a great job on the doll.  For my model, I used the young man sitting across from me at the table.  Although my bust isn’t finished and needs more work, it does look vaguely like John.  It is approximately 4″ tall.

Two weeks ago, I took another class.  This one was a very basic beginner watercolor class offered as a part of “Women’s Week” sponsored by the Women’s Council of Greater Baton Rouge.  I had never done any watercolor before so this was all brand new for me.  The class moved too slow for my taste, but I did learn how to put paint on the paper.  The biggest thing I learned was to quit while I was ahead.  It is way to easy to overwork and mess up with watercolor.  I’m hoping to use this new knowledge in an art journal soon.

The lemons were already sketched out on the paper at the start of class.  Everyone did the same thing all at the same time.  Most annoyingly, the teacher had the habit of painting on the student’s paintings rather than demonstrating on scrap paper or her own painting.  Am I the only one bothered by this?

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One Response to Going out of my comfort zone

  1. shashi says:

    Lucy I think you are an artist an as such you should not categorize yourself as a stitcher only. Wow look at the sculpt and the painting they are lovely which proves you are a very talented artist.
    I love water colour painting but don’t get to practice much. Yes it is most annoying when the teacher paints on top of yours. Fortunately for me my teacher was very good never did on anyone elses painting but on a brand new paper. She also would say that to paint the subject rather than draw and then paint which was very hard but it did loosen up my painting I found. Well I hope you enjoy your class more and more and hope to see many more paintings of yours.

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