A New Farm Girl

I’ve been calling her Cow Girl, but that really gives the wrong impression of who she is.  She really needs a name.  Quick!

Because her hair is pulled up into two little ponytails, she has appliqued ears with a bit of embroidery for definition.  They don’t show up all that well from the front view.

Like the first little girl in this series, Chicken Girl, this little one has appliqued hair.  Her hair is a flat shape of fabric that is fully lined, then folded, and stitched to her head.  Of all the parts of designing this series, I think I like the hair best.

Here in the back view, you can see that I stitched down the center part.  I inserted a bit a stuffing on each side as I was sewing on the hair.  That gave the head a better shape and holds the ponytails out at a perky angle.

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3 Responses to A New Farm Girl

  1. ladyfleur says:

    How about giving “cow girl” and “chicken girl” names that are popular for the animal they feature? So cow girl could be Bessie or Elsie and chicken girl could be Henny or something like that.

  2. I like that idea. I think they shall now be named Henny Penny and Maisie.

  3. shashi says:

    She very very cute!

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