Dream Journal page 2

I seem to be moved to work on these pages more than other things at the moment.  I’m in a more introspective turn of mind.

Sometimes it seems that I can’t bear to get wet.  Even when I know that the water is warm, it doesn’t appeal to jump into the swimming pool.  I get shivers to the bone.  All is cold and damp.  In this dream I was walking down a road that was quickly flooding with water.  I was on the sidewalk and dry, but with the water rising quickly, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to wade in.  I didn’t want to get my feet wet. It’s a simple message in a simple dream.

Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) was used to imprint a photo of my legs onto the painted fabric.  The transfer is translucent and shows the undercolors of the fabric.  I opted for this look rather than printing on white and appliqueing.  I wanted the ghostlike, dreamlike feel. Layers of blue tulle and dyed cheesecloth are the waters that are overtaking me.  Like the first page, this one will be trim up neatly when it is bound in book form.

Starting this blog has been the equivalent of sticking in my big toe.  It’s kind of scary, but not too bad.

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