Dream Journal

A few months ago I painted some fabric pieces with the thought of making a book.  As the idea evolved, I decided to use the theme of dreams.  I’ve kept a written record of some of my powerful dreams for the past few years.  It’s not often that I remember my dreams, but when I do they are the kind that slap me in the face with blatant symbolism.  I’ve learned a lot from listening to the deeper meanings hidden within a seemingly random dream.

One recurring dream involves a ritual of going around my house at night and locking all the doors.  There is nothing bad lurking in the background, just the ritual of locking down tight for the night.   My last dream about locking doors was in a room that had unfinished walls.  The studs were bare and the room was open to the outside.  That didn’t stop me from locking the doors anyway.  What could I possibly have been trying to accomplish?

The text on the side is written in washable glue on an under color of painted fabric.  Another was of paint was applied over the dried glue.   When that was dry, the glue was washed out.  Writing with a glue bottle took some getting used to, but I like the results.  The key stamps were carved out of foam, one a slab of foam and one sticky back Fun Foam mounted on plywood.  The edges are unfinished because I’m waiting to trim the page when it is time to bind the book together.

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