Chicken girl

Last Christmas, one of the ladies in the doll club gave everyone a packet of coordinated fabrics.  My packet had an adorable chicken print, black on white polka dots, yellow/orange dots, and a small piece of a red tie.   The print reminded me of a photo of my mother that was taken when she was around 8.  She lived in a small town and raised chickens for 4H.  That inspired me to create a young girl doll.  She makes a great play doll and would be a perfect present for my nieces for Christmas.

Most of her clothing is sewn to the body, but the apron is removable.  Her hair is a variation of applique that is called lined applique.  I was really pleased with how it came out.  The wisps of hair in her bangs lift up to show her hand stitched eyebrows.

Chicken girl was finished last spring, but I’ve been thinking of her again and hope to make more similar to her.  I went shopping and have bought some other animal fabrics that inspired me.  OK so one of them isn’t animals at all, but I really liked the pears.  So maybe I’ll have to do a series of kitchen girls to go with the animal girls.  I have started the Cow girl.  Despite my husband’s wishes, she is a farm girl not a “cowgirl.”  I’ll have to think of another name for her.

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