Faerie Crawfish

And so they are finally finished.  They stayed on the back of my worktable so long, it seems as though I’ve been working on them forever.  There always seemed to be something more urgent coming along that needed to be seen to.  But finally their turn came and all three are ready to inhabit their faerie towers.

Here they are on surveillance, ready to do battle with any intruders to their territory.

I think they look like little soldiers in armor.  I think the purple one is my favorite.  Working with silk dupioni isn’t as difficult as I feared.  It ravels a lot, but it is strong and stuffs smoothly.  It wasn’t hard to turn either.  The face applique is worked with brightly printed cotton fabrics.  Each feature has a tiny amount of stuffing to give it some dimension and rounding.  Honestly, these are not my favorites.  I’m glad it is time to more on.

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One Response to Faerie Crawfish

  1. Beth says:

    I love them! They are so full of character! I’m sure they will draw plenty of interest when they are at the show. Bethx

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