Faerie Towers

Finally I have gotten back to work on the Faerie Towers!  After laying dormant on my worktable for so many weeks, they are back to the forefront.  They better be–I have to have this piece finished in time to arrive in Houston for the end of September.  This will be my entry for In Celebration of the Doll.  This is my fourth year to be invited to participate!

The towers are complete.  I’ve done more beading and stitching since the post ages ago.  And they are now stitched together and attached to the needle felted base.  All that is missing are the 3 crawfish who will inhabit the towers.  One of them is nearly done.  The other two have a way to go still.  Like Mirror, Mirror Tell Me No Lies  they will have appliqued faces.

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One Response to Faerie Towers

  1. Beth says:

    I love these! Your work is so interesting and I am looking forward to seeing the crawfish in their new homes, Bethx

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