Paper Doll Fun

Yesterday was the September meeting for Folk in Fabric doll club.  We had a really great time making paper dolls.  Last month, we painted a variety of papers.  This month, we cut and pasted to create our own paper doll designs.


As you can see, I once again used the scanned and printed embroidered faces from my bearded Totems.  I love those faces and I love this technique of leveraging my art work.  This way I can use them over and over.  I also have used pages from a discarded French book, corrugated paper, card stock, paper towels (these were my wipe up cloths), and the sleeve from a cup of tea at CC’s coffee house.

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2 Responses to Paper Doll Fun

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Lucy, these are really cool! I understand why you like the faces, they are excellent.
    Paper dolls are everywhere in my life at the moment! I have just joined up for a paper doll Christmas ornament challenge on Cloth Doll Artistry, and my local doll club finished some not too long ago, and I have just purchased Beyond Paper Dolls. Must be something in the water, lol! Bethx

  2. If it’s something in the water, then it must have really traveled far!
    I have that book also. It is so inspiring. There are some really amazing dolls in it. I’ve made a bunch of jointed paper dolls and have begun to expand into more abstract figures.


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