Round Robin Dolls

Folk in Fabric, our local doll club, held its monthly meeting today.  Six months ago we started a round robin exchange.  Members had made a blank doll and brought it to the meeting in a paper sack.   For the next 6 months we passed the dolls around from one person to the next, each one adding something new to the dolls.  Today the dolls went home with the member who created the doll in the beginning.



Every doll has a distinct personality and a different story to tell.

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3 Responses to Round Robin Dolls

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Lucy, the dolls are amazing. You would have to feel really pleased getting yours back! By the way which one is yours? Bethx

    • Mine is Felice. She was my pattern test for the Red Maple Spirit dolls in plain white muslin. I just love how she turned out. Two of the members are pretty new to doll making, but all the dolls are great.

  2. Andrea B. says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your pictures. Our club is getting ready to start a similar round robin soon. I have included a link to your post from our blog:

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