A piece at a time

I had thought by now that I would be done with my Gypsy Challenge beauty whose picture you saw two posts ago.  But no, it is taking forever.  I have however finished her skirt.

As you can see, she will not at all be a conventional doll.  She has no legs.

Her skirt is stuffed full and round and is covered with stitching.  I’ve used two different stitches in four shades of pearl cotton to attach the shisha mirrors.  Shiny rayon thread in a dark fuchsia running stitch is double laced with Sulky hologram Sliver thread.  Because I like those hints of glitz, there are pink star-bursts of Silk Lame Braid purchased at The Elegant Needle, a fabulous needlepoint shop here in Baton Rouge.  Though the shop is mainly for needlepoint, it carries a large selection of all kinds of handwork threads and ribbons.

Next will be her bodice…

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2 Responses to A piece at a time

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Hello Lucy. I just found your blog from the Doll Street Journal. I love the work you are doing so far on your Gypsy Challenge entry:)

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