Play Day

Yesterday was play day.  Once a month some friends and I get together to play with fabric.  Well, usually fabric.  This time we made silk paper, also known as silk fusion.   This was new for me and lots of fun.  It is a very fast process.  Fast to put together at least.  It was slow to dry.  We’ve been getting so much rain here in south Louisiana that nothing dries out.  My pieces are dry now and they have been heat set.

I think I will use the gray piece for the cover of an art journal.  My doll club is about to start an art journal round robin and I think this will be perfect.  We’ve had so much fun with journals sent around with round robin doll projects that we decided to do another one without dolls this time.

I was going for a loose airy look and included some lace in both of these.  Next time I will make some without the lace.  I like the look, but I’d like to try something different.

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