A Walk in the Swamp

I’ve just been to Ville Platte to put up “A Walk in the Swamp.”  This is a fiber art show that has been traveling in Louisiana to different nature centers.  It started in Baton Rouge at the Bluebonnet Swamp, then moved to Thibodaux to the Jean Lafitte National Park Wetland Center, and now it is in Ville Platte at the State Arboretum Nature Center which is in Chicot Park.  My contribution is “Red Swamp Maple.”  It is a rather fanciful rendition with tree spirits peeking through the holes in the tree.  All of the trees in the exhibit are designed to be viewed from both sides and mine is no exception.

side two

side one

I had a lot of fun making the tree spirits, although by the time I had made the fourth one, I was ready to move on. There are two females and two males, although you can’t really tell because they are mostly hidden by the tree.

red maple spirits

tree spirits

The tree is commercial orange felt that I embellished with my needle felter using dyed wool, silk caps, organza strips, and yarn.  I added circles of felt by hand.  At the top of side two I have a row of flowers made of silk cocoons.  The tree spirits have wings that are shaped like the seed pod of the red swamp maple, only bigger.  You can see more photos of my tree and all the others on the blog for Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana.

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