Paper Collage

My fiber arts group Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana held their quarterly meeting on Sunday.  The program was all about mixed media collage.  We got to make an 8×10 collage on poster board using a selection of papers, fabric, and fibers.  I opted for paper and no fabric.  I was really pleased with my collage, but it wasn’t finished.

collage of papers with cotton bolls and fibers

I played around with the idea of making a paper doll out of it and this is what I ended up with–three figures.  On my work table right now there are three embroidered faces that I am using for an upcoming show in July called A Gathering of Untold Stories.  They seemed to be a perfect match for the collage so I scanned and printed the images onto paper and glued them on for the faces.  Tracy Bautista calls this re-use of your own art “leveraging.”  I decided against adding limbs; they are simple rectangles.  A few more embellishments on each one and they were done.  The blue felt is a piece that I wet felted a few weeks ago.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I liked it.  The big question is what will I do with the paper dolls?  Should I affix them to the felt?  Should I attach the whole thing to a stretched canvas to hang on the wall?  Or just leave the men out to fondle and play with?


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