Faerie Condos

Since my first Faerie Condos have sold, I decided to expand on that theme and create others.  I’m going to keep the same crawfish hole shape, but make a different kind of crawfish to inhabit the condos.  So far, I have felted the hand woven scraps and started the process of embroidery and beading.  I’m sharing pictures now because it is taking me quite a bit of time to get these going.  AND I’ve been distracted by other pressing needs like a show coming up in June with Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana.  So it’s first things first.

You can see on the purple piece below that I’ve added to one side by making an extension of wool roving.  That’s because the fabric was too narrow for what I wanted to do.  The felt will be under the  overlap when it is rolled into the cylinder for the crawfish hole.

The fabric scraps came from a vendor in Houston at the Quilt Festival.  I wish I remembered her name.  She hand weaves the fabric and makes jackets to sell.  I scooped up two ziplock bags of scraps from her booth and have had a world of fun playing with them.  These three pieces are woven with wool yarns and tighten up nicely after a run through my felter/embellisher.  I added some loose wool that a friend hand dyed and gave to me.  This is mostly on the back for strength although some is on the front.   The part that is hanging off the bottom will be used to attach them to the base fabric.  When the fabric is rolled into tubes for the crawfish holes, they’ll need the extra support.  I’ll be adding a lot more stitching and beading before they are done.

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2 Responses to Faerie Condos

  1. Beth says:

    I love these pieces! The woven fabrics are beautiful and I love your embellishing!

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